About HKS

Our Team

The 3 founders of the company, Olaf Hollmann, Michael Kiese and Volker Schauder (HKS), have established the company and have successfully made their mark in the market through key products.

Thanks to the know-how, vision and high motivation of 20 employees, HKS-Prozesstechnik GmbH has become one of the leading global service providers of welding measuring technology.

Since May 2017 HKS is part of the ESAB family, a world-leading manufacturer of welding and cutting equipment

Our common objective is to offer innovative products and solutions of the highest quality to fulfil the requirements and desires of our esteemed customers.

HKS Gebäudeansicht

Our Mission

HKS-Prozesstechnik GmbH believes that the quality of welding methods used in manufacturing processes can be measured and reproduced.

Based on this philosophy, the company develops, manufactures and sells professional measuring devices that are tailor-made for special conditions and challenges of welding technology.

The core competence of the company lies in combining the technical know-how from the fields of welding technology, measuring technology, microelectronics and software technology.

Company history

1993 Foundation of HKS-Ingenieurbüro GbR

1994 Moved to the company's building in Weinbergweg

1995 Company's form changed to HKS-Prozesstechnik GmbH

1995 WeldQAS (1st generation) introduced on the market

1997 WeldLogger introduced on the market

1998 Innovation prize by the Saxony Anhalt State

1998 WeldAnalyst introduced on the market

2000 WeldScanner (1st generation) introduced on the market

2003 Symposium on "Measuring technology for arc welding" to celebrate 10 Years of HKS

2004 Moved to the new company headquarters in H. Damerow Strasse

2006 Sales agreement with a representative in VR China

2009 ThermoProfilScanner introduced on the market

2010 Sales agreement with a representative in the USA and Canada

2014 introduction of the device generation S3

2015  user conference "Thermography"

2015  market launch of WeldQAS / TPS cabinet version with extended

2017 HKS is part of the ESAB family