Calibration and validation according to IEC 60974-14

Kalibrierung-Intervall beachten - Kalibrieren und validieren nach IEC 60974-14 validieren nach IEC 60974-14

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With the introduction of the latest standard DIN EN IEC 60974-14 for the verification of manufacturer’s specifications for the operation of arc welding equipment, the operation of the WeldScanner Validator also had to be adapted. We are pleased to be able to implement the requirements of the standard with the latest software version and thus offer all existing and new customers the possibility to continue to validate and calibrate arc welding power sources with the highest precision.

This video shows how to upgrade the WeldScanner Validator in just a few steps.

07 – 11 December 2020 tube Düsseldorf, Germany, hall 6 D15

Tube 2020 Messebanner
Tube 2020 Messebanner

Our system for non-destructive testing based on passive thermography offers many advantages for quality control in tube production.  

This is made possible by a thermo line camera (sensor) specially developed for welding applications, which is not based on standard optics. The temperature is measured on a line above the seam. Many of these profiles taken together produce a thermal image from the seam.  

In contrast to conventional methods (eddy current testing, ultrasonic testing), the process is monitored based on real thermal images. Welding defects such as asymmetric penetration, insufficient penetration depth, cold seams and many other irregularities such as holes and pores are reliably detected.  

ThermoProfilScanner zeigt kalte Nähte
With the ThermoProfilScanner, for example, “cold” seams are displayed.

The real heat field displayed on a monitor gives the welder in the pipe system a real “view into the seam” during the welding process.
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New development of process sensors P350/500, P700/1000, P1400/2000, P2800/4000

New development of process sensors P350/500, P700/1000, P1400/2000, P2800/4000

The newly developed process sensor is available in identical design for 4 current measuring ranges:
350 AC/ +/-500A max
700 AC/ +/-1000A max.
1400 AC/ +/- 2000A max
2800 AC/ +/- 4000A max.
As with the P1000, further sensors (for measuring gas, wire, welding speed) and an additional sensor can be connected via the process sensor. In difference to the P1000, the new series has a larger opening for the welding power cable.

NDT on base passive thermography

ThermoProfilScanner zeigt kalte Nähte

A new system for nondestructive testing on base passive thermography gives many advantages in quality control in tube production lines.

Possible is that by a special designed thermo line camera (sensor), not based on the standard optical technology. With this special for welding application designed sensor, is it possible to measure the temperature on a line cross the seam.  Many such profiles added together shown a thermo image from the seam. Every one temperature profiles shows welding imperfections as unsymmetrical penetration, not enough penetration depth and many kinds of other imperfections (holes, pores,..)

Based on real thermo images in TIG-welding tube lines and ERW (HFI) tube mills will be shown the excellent advantages compared to eddy current testing and ultrasonic inspection in such kind of seam control.
With this method will be indicate “cold” seams in HFI-welding tube mills and not middle position of the tungsten electrode in TIG welding applications.

The all-time shown real thermo field on a monitor gives the welder on the tube mill a real “look in to the seam” during the running machine.

Visit us at the world’s most important trade fair for the pipe industry
in Hal 6 D15


HANNOVER 23.-26.10. You will find us at the ESAB booth in Hal 13 / E 16

We cordially invite you to inform yourself about our modern measuring technology solutions for welding data monitoring at the EuroBlech Hannover from 23 to 26 October.

  • Measuring technology for the documentation, monitoring and analysis of welding processes
  • Systems from manual welding to complex system monitoring based on the electrical parameter analysis
  • Weld seam monitoring using passive thermography for laser-, HFI- and arc welding
  • Equipment for calibration and validation of arc welding technology of all processes and manufacturers

You will find us at the ESAB booth in hall 13 / E16.
We look forward to meeting you there.